About the Australian School of Reiki. 

The school was founded in Sydney in 1997 by Joann Willoughby. Joann's training in Reiki began in 1988 with Rev Beth Grey. Completing level 1,11, before Beth's retirement from Reiki, then under the  guidance of  Simon Tresylan became a Master Teacher in 1997 at Uluru Australia

Joann used Reiki extensively during her career as a Deputy Matron and later as a nursing sister in a oncology ward. She brings to the school a wealth of knowledge of the application of Reiki to the sick and dying. She shares this knowledge with her students and welcomes the student into the beginning of their own healing process. Joann has filled the need for quality courses in Reiki and standards which equips her students with sound knowledge and the support needed to become a competent Reiki practitioner. Joann has National recognized training qualifications certificate 1V , and has lectured extensively throughout community colleges in Sydney  and  south coast  which  she  continues   to   do  on  a  weekly   basis . She is  registered  to  practice  nursing  in  NSW, and is also a cosmetic nurse injector with a diploma in beauty, hypnosis and councelling. The   school   during  the   week   runs   a   clinic   which  is  open  to   the  public.

Joann offers her students a  personal training , and has worked teaching people with learning difficulties, and those who have limiting disabilities and chronic illness to administer Reiki to  themselves.

The school can also come to you if your needs are that you cannot make the location where the course is running. Or if you wish to be taught one on one this can be arranged also. Joann has dedicated her life to assisting people to learn Reiki and increase their skills in this wonderful self help technique, so if one  or many it  is not a problem for her.


The Australian School of Reiki is dedicated to a commitment in holistic health care within the Australian Community. It encompasses optimum performance in touch healing - Reiki The school gives the graduate the most up to date knowledge and understanding of this healing modality. It carries on research into the application of Reiki to a number of diseases and holds a weekly clinic for such purposes. Our Graduates understand that the power that made the body also heals the body, and that any healing will create change within the life of the individual giving and receiving the treatment. The school intends to equip the community with the abilities to heal themselves and those they touch this in itself is empowering the community at large.
Dr Mikao  Usui
Dr Chijiro Hayashi
Mrs Takarta
Phillis Furumoto
Pat  Jack  / Carol Farmer Florence O’Neil
Cherie Prashun / Leigh Smith Jerry Farley
William Rand
Simon Treselyan
Dr Chijiro Hayashi
Mrs Takarta
Phillis Furumoto
June Woods
Simon Treselyan
Beth Grey   1988-  1989   Simon Treseylan 1997
JOANN  WILLOUGHBY  ( Australian School of Reiki )
  • Mathew Carlos
    Elaine Booker
    Rhonda Campbell
    Janice Lett
    Millie Kifa
    Denise Wood
    Marly Jones
    Jackalyn Briggs
    Carmel Adie- Dever
    Yvonne George
    Michelle Theunissen
  • Lydia O'Connor
  • John  Yiolomedis
  • Ray Mitchell
  • Dr Chijiro Hayashi
    Susan Yule
    Lorraine Bollington
    Richard Bauhof
    Lee Mackie
    Lorraine Cox
    Raynor Lander
    Melinda Smith
    Anne Buckingham
    Colin Johnsen
  • Kristian Lea
  • Lyn White
  • Saleem Sarkis
  • Dianne  Valloto 
  • Siyanne Astles
  • Adam Wiltshire
Why Choose REIKI
Reiki energy does not require Self-directed will to work
Reiki taps into the natural chi which is then transmitted by  simple hand application

Reiki Allows natural flow of chi  which  both the recipient and the giver are receiving

Reiki Requires no self exercise prior to administrating like ti chi or Qi Gong

  Reiki energy  restores balance to physical, mental and
emotional life alleviates negative beliefs

Does not require a belief in Reiki for it to work.
Reiki is non  religious
Reiki can assist in the past and future ( distant healing)
Reiki is simple to learn
Reiki brings people together to serve their
highest good
Reiki assists people on their own spiritual path
Reiki comforts the sick, in-firmed and dying

Reiki is thousands of years old and has
brought about compassion and forgiveness to
the lives it has touched, restoring
unconditional love

Principles  of  Reiki

just  for today  do  not  worry

Be kind to every living thing

do not anger

honor your teachers 

And  do a honest  days  work

Why Choose ASR
1. Academic Standards All students instructed on a personal level to ensure competencies standards are m
2. National accredited teachers All teacher have Adult workplace trainer qualifications to national level
3. Established  since 1997   Joann being a  Reiki channel  since  1987
4.Reiki Manuals given to all levels all topics covered are included in the manual for easy recall.
5 Reiki practical  component at  all  levels .
6 One  on  one  teaching  to  ensure  you are transmitting reiki
7.School premises is close to public transport and used as a healing center.
6. Usui and Tibetan system attunements given at no extra cost