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Positive  Energetic   shifts  leaves  us   feeling   brand  new,   pity  our   face   has   the   tell  sign  lines  of  our  past,   I  decided   to   catch up  with  the   energy   by   offering  my   clients   something   special   to   find  out  


  Facial rejuvenation -Botox with a difference

Our lips are the most sensual feature on our face. But unfortunately, as we age, our lips lose their youthful fullness and defined shape.

Optimum lip definition and lip plumpness can be restored with the use of Injectable Dermal Fillers, restoring vitality to the whole face.


Injectable Dermal Fillers are used in two ways to restore a natural, full and youthful look to the lip.

1 - Small amounts of Dermal Filler is injected along the top and bottom lip line (vermillion border) to define the shape of the lip.

2 - Dermal Filler is then injected into the main body of the lip to restore it to its natural plump (kissable!) look.

A single treatment lasts on average five months.

How do Injectable Dermal Fillers work?

Dermal fillers are injected into the skin in tiny amounts - using an ultra fine needle. Dr.Bakaric may massage your skin gently to optimize contouring of the gel. This treatment works in 2 ways: once injected into the "mid to deep dermis" (middle layer of skin), the dermal filler gel adds volume and fullness which smoothes out facial wrinkles and folds. Then, the gel integrates into dermal tissue, attracts and binds to water molecules and helps to maintain volume.

Cost: Treatments start from $350


Dermal Filler
Dermal FillerDermal FillerDermal Filler