Chakra cleansing distant healing.   
Looking after your chakra  health

What is a  chakra

  • It is a port of conscious learning ,  energetic electromagnet colour pervades  each  chakra
  • It  is  responsive  to  our  thoughts , emotions, and physical ills.
  • We  have seven ,  1st starts  at the base of  our   spine  and  works upwards to  the  crown  that  feed  the  physical body
  •  We  have  12 within  the etheric  body that  connect us with  the  universe. These  are  macrocosmic orbits of energy  affected  by our   star  sign  and  planetary  energy.

Why  look  after  them

  • When  we  are ill either mentally,  emotionally  or  physically,   we will  have  these chakras  choked  and  not   flowing  with  vitality freely, creating a imbalance in our daily existence.
  • When  we  have  incorrect thinking, this  affects  our  chakras and  makes  us  react  in  unexpected  ways
  • When you  balance  your   chakras you  will  feel   lighter, have clearer  thoughts & more  balanced  reactions

Whats  involved

  • You are  asked  to  download  skype
  • Once  I  receive your  payment  on  line  I  will email  you  the    appointment  time  I  have  available.
  • I will then  connect  with you  via   skype  ,  so you  will  see me  in  person. 
  • I  will begin  by  taking   a  history.
  • I  then  will   place your  thought  forms  into  a  pillow  proxy 
  • You  will be   asked  to  lay  down  and   close  your  eyes 
  • Then  I  will   perform  the  balance,   and  you  will  receive  insights your self
  • We will   discuss  the  matters  arising
  •  I  will  flood  your   chakras  with  master  light  energy   and   rebalance  the   thoughts   that   created  the  problems


  • $110 australian  dollars