Gates to the Light meditation audio files & online sessions  
Awaken  the angelic forces within 


  • To  enhance  our awareness of  our spiritual  body, our  soul  self
  • To  communicate  with the  archangelic   forces
  • To  cleanse  our aura of psychic (emotional)  negativity
  • To control  our emotions and fears
  • To  dispel  the  dark  forces
  • To be a  researcher of  truth
  • To  promote   healing  of the spirit
  • To  develop our ability  to use  the ethers  consciously


  • Designed   from  Researcher of Truth book    Gates  to  the  Light
  • Basic   meditation via audio files
  • Each   week   for  7  days  at  the  same   time   do  the   meditation
  • Then  move  to the   next  meditation   which   will   be   seen   as  week   2.
  • Progress   through  the   24  meditations   to   complete  the   basic   class
  • Further guided meditation sessions based on individual needs are available online by arrangement on a weekly basis, which is recorded and made available for playback each day of the following week
  • The  meditation sessions (audio files or online) are sold in groups of 4 weeks at the cost of 100.00 inc gst  paid  through the Online Shop
  • Follow  up   communication   with   sister   guide   is   through  email 

Sample Meditation audio/video file (12.5 minutes)