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Reiki Mastership - Uluru 1999.

Dear Joanne,

I had always wanted to visit Uluru to witness this awesome land mark for myself but to have the opportunity to complete my master teacher degree in Reiki in this most amazing place made this experience all the more special. We were all very excited about what we were about to embark upon and our expectations were well exceeded. We all have taken some of the most memorable times of our lives away from this trip. To be able to share our experiences for six unbroken days was a privilege and made out time all the more special. Although we all worked very hard (especially Joanne) we had many many laughs, some of us laughing more than we had ever laughed in our lives and we learned a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the magic of Reiki. We also had time to enjoy the wonders of this beautiful place and do some shopping. Throughout this trip, I the only male was convinced that I held the sanity of the group together with all of those girls. Completing my Masters degree of Reiki has been the most amazing experience of my life and as I mentioned previously completing it in Uluru made it all the more special. This truly will be something that I will fondly remember for the rest of my life.


Matt Carloss




Dr Mikao  Usui                                                                                                                                 Dr  Mikao  Usui

Dr  Chijiro  Hayashi                                                                                                                         Dr   Chijiro  Hayashi

Mrs  Takarta                                                                                                                                    Mrs  Takarta

Phillis  Furumoto                                                                                                                             Phillis Furumoto

Pat Jack/ Carol  Farmer                                                                                                                   Florence O'Neil

Cherie Prashun / Leigh Smith                                                                                                          Jerry Farley

William  Rand                                                                                                                                  June Wood

Simon  Treselyan                                                                                                                   Simon Treselyan        


   Beth  Grey  (  1984 ) Reiki 1&2

              Simon Treselyan ( 1997) Reiki master Teacher

          Joann Willoughby  commenced  ASR

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