Virtually anyone can be hypnotized , some more easily than others. Improvement comes with practice and someone who starts slowly can often become a better subject than a fast starter. All that is needed is a desire to co-operate with the hypnotherapist: you cannot be hypnotized against your will
Hypnotherapy has been a great help in overcoming many problems including smoking, overeating, nail biting, bed-wetting, insomnia, phobias, tension, headaches, migraines, self confidence, study and examination nerves, pain control, stress and tension as well as other anxiety induce conditions
Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation which is natural and safe. It is a state of mind between waking and sleeping where a person is conscious, aware of physical sensations and surroundings and yet much more receptive to therapeutic suggestions than he or she normally would be . It is a state of mind in which many problems and conditions may be explored and treated. Therapy success depends on the teamwork between the patient and the therapist
Sensations of hypnosis vary from patient to patient. It is usual to experience mild drowsiness together with pleasant feelings of comfort and well being. They are, in fact, totally relaxed.

People in hypnosis are conscious and able to hear the hypnotherapist voice, remaining at all times in control of themselves. They will not do or say anything that they would not elect to do of their own choice.
It is a natural and beneficial experience that is free from drugs. People can wake themselves up at any time they wish. The hypnotic state is maintained by mutual cooperation between the patient and the hypnotherapist.

A referral is usually not necessary. However if you wish not to attract gst 10 % tax, it is required by the ATO to have a referral to see a hypnotherapist.

A medical check up is advisable before therapy in cases where the problem may have a predominantly physical cause. Often your hypnotherapist will work with your Doctor


This therapy is used to aid in overcoming problems such as Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Blushing, Phobias, Skin disorders, Eating disorders, Migraine, Irritable Bowel, Addictions, Obsessive/Compulsive behavior etc.

It will find the cause of the symptom and the emotion behind if , once this is addressed the symptomology abates.

3 sessions     450.00


This therapy is focused on the ego "me " inside, that sometimes is focused and working, sometimes playful and laughing, and sometimes in pain, and sometimes illogical in feeling and reactions. . During this therapy we work with the executive ego state running the personality . to bring it into a more controlled and rational way of working.


is used for the simpler problems such as smoking, slimming, nail biting, exam nerves, relaxation, performance enhancement, confidence boosting etc. At the beginning of the session, we work together to develop the suggestions that best suit you as an individual using your own personal motivations. This increases the likelihood of your subconscious mind accepting and utilizing the positive suggestions that best suit your needs in helping you to overcome your problem.

150.00  a  session


Learning about our previous lives can be of enormous benefit in this life, how? Well have you ever wondered why you got a disease , bad deal or just married the wrong person? Past life is then for you. Mainly to understand why things work out the way they do, also some of the psychosomatic symptoms of a disease can be cleared up by regression. Not only insightive but curative also.   300.00  2  hours     


Weight loss program has a very high success rate because it enables you to achieve personal change at a deep level in your sub-conscious mind. It is the part of your mind, which governs your motivations, perceptions and beliefs. I do prescribe a HEALTHY EATING plan for you and also a exercise program. However you will enjoy noticing your eating habits improving; and you will feel good about yourself more and more as you lose a moderate amount of weight each week. It usually takes 3 sessions weekly apart.
450.00   for 3  session


The program comprises of three 1 hour sessions weekly apart. You will get to take with you a personalised hypnotic CD/ AUDIO TAPE to use at home to reinforce the suggestions. At the clinic you will learn how to hypnotize yourself and take control. Something you thought would be difficult will be remarkably easy when you use hypnosis to help you leave that old out-dated habit behind.



This Treatment program is Holistic in its approach, i.e. It aims to treat the person as well as the presenting symptoms. Prior to using this treatment program, the patient is required to have undertaken all the necessary tests by a Gastroenterologist and been diagnosed as having Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This program does include dietary advice, with your doctor's or dietitian's dietary advice being placed into your subconscious mind. The program has been developed in a ten-session format, however it may comprise of as few as eight sessions or as many as twelve, according to the patient's personal needs. Each session is approximately one hour at weekly intervals for the first five or six sessions. The last four sessions are to be at fortnightly intervals. Patients are encouraged to have a follow-up session three months after the program is completed. Hypnotherapy is already proven to be at least 70% effective and often more in the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


As a registered provider for the following private health funds. They will give rebates for my services depending on your personal health cover. Please check with them to find out about rebates as they change the coverage every year. .

Medibank Private (Package Plus)
Grand United
Australian Unity
Australian Health Management
Government Employees Health fund
Illawarra Health
Mutual Health
Australian Country Health
Senior Advantage
Better Health
Australian Union
CBHS Friendly Society
Teachers Federation Health fund
Railway and Transport Employees Friendly Society Health Fund
Defence Health
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