Life Purpose Coaching.   
Life Purpose  Coaching

Life purpose coaching is about assisting individuals to reach their soul purpose in this incarnation. As a sister or brother guide, you will coach others who are having difficulty finding and maintaining happiness. Be it social, personal, financial, or spiritual. You as a life purpose coach are taking on great work to assist the soul's passage through time and space.


This program is unique and has involved over 14 years of working with the contents to be able to bring it to the format it is. From my former Life Coaching Diploma and diplomas in Counselling and Psychotherapies, I have found identifying the soul and its purpose the most comforting part of this work as it clarifies that there is a reason for being here.


No other psychological tool or therapy can give such a definite reason for our life on earth or identify our journey so clearly. Soul coaching brings out our lessons and the karma of our previous lives in a way that pieces the jigsaw together. Once we can identify it on paper, it some how becomes a plan to follow and not some ideological aspect to be toyed with in our mind. But rather, a tangible piece of knowledge to be seen for what it is, a map of our life.


Having a coach talk you through only reinforces the truth that your client will tap into and the sigh of relief and acknowledgment that their life so far, has been trying to express its’ soul, only adds to the pleasure and feeling of recognition of this great journey we call life.


As life purpose coaches, you are the teachers at the school we call earth /life. You are guiding the person’s present day personality back to the permanent personality that is their soul. This is the most beautiful work I have ever had the privilege of delivering. As a nursing sister, I treated people’s ills and put a band aide on their physical symptoms, never healing the cause. As a counsellor and hypnotherapist, I assisted people to look at the emotions that caused disease. As the principal of the Australian School of Reiki and Reiki teacher, I handed back the power to the people to give them the right to heal themselves. As a Life Purpose Coach, I truly made a great difference in bringing the truth and the knowledge of how they can bring their soul into bloom in its highest expression, nursing their soul back to good health.


I feel that this is the work of the future. Cut the over rated psychological techniques that don't work, let’s roll up our sleeves and really get to work. There are so many sick souls out there, let’s give them the opportunity to find us, and progress in a comfortable way, back to soul health.


Soul health is what we are all trying to achieve. Why? Because somewhere inside of you there is a wonderful human being trying to come out and the experience we are having down here is only assisting you. So, let’s identify it and work to bring it into our consciousness so that we can live self-consciously. As a soul, living self-consciously, we can be aware of the beautiful energy within us and choose where we wish to express it, so we complete the evolution we are meant to.

  Why seek a life purpose coach? 

ü  To do a better job at living

ü  To become a better parent, partner or person

ü  To start a business

ü  To gain promotion

ü  To achieve more balance

ü  To improve appearance

ü  To improve finances

ü  To find a life partner

ü  To improve quality of life and standard of living

ü  To understand what stops you from achieving your dream

ü  To change patterns that keep recurring

ü  To discover your life's work

ü  To stop repeating the same mistakes

ü  To understand who you are

ü  To assist your soul progression

ü  To find out where you have been side tracked

ü  To find peace and happiness

ü  To assist in your evolution

ü  To become free from the rut

ü  To find out what to look for in a soul mate

ü  To see what lesson you need to learn and do it

ü  To improve your ability to give and receive love

ü  To quit habits

ü  To find a way to not react to anger

ü  To get rid of the deadwood in your life

ü  To become aware of your unique talents and how to best use them

ü  To gain wisdom and insight into your nature

ü  To have encouragement and a coach to keep you on the path

ü  To become independent

ü  To free you from fears

ü  To overcome the blues

ü  To gain advice and steps to obtaining your goals

ü  To build a bridge and walk away from negative thinking

ü  To get an independent view into your life path

ü  To have someone to listen and guide you

ü  To have your best interest at heart

ü  To give you courage to change the things you can

ü  To give you wisdom on the things you cannot change

ü  To maintain change permanently