Practitioners Notes.   

When applying reiki be  sure  that  you have  tissues  to  cover the eyes of your client, this simple act can prevent the absorption of your perspiration from your hand and the transmission of fluid born bacteria  entering  the conjunctiva of your client.

Always have your cardiac client on a bed  with  their head  at a 45 degree angle from the heart,  this  means  head  resting on two to three pillows.

With  clients  that  are  depressed do the mental  emotional cleanse  for the first  20 minutes of  the  treatment  ,   for  those  of you who do not  have Reiki 11 certification. Spend this time on the head - frontal lobe  and  occipital lobe . Remember these treatments  must  be over 7 sessions. The reason being  is  that we  have  seven charkas and the metaphysical cause of the disease may originate in any one .

With hypertension  again place the client in a position with the head 45degrees angle from the heart, sitting up is preferred , place  hands gently on the carotid arteries, found bilaterally  around the throat  under  the jaw  line. You must be  careful  not  to  add pressure as  these areas  are very  sensitive. The baroreceptors are here and  they  are  responsible for maintaining the blood pressure at a even rate.

 With diabetic clients  make sure you apply reiki only after they  have  eaten  within  30-45minutes. As  reiki has a parasympathetic nervous system response and can cause the pancreas  to produce more insulin.