Private subconscious therapy   
Hypnotherapy which access  the  origin of  the problem  without  the  trauma

This form of  hypnosis  is very successful for clients that do not  know  the origin  of their  problem. It allows you to tap into the feelings  rather  than  the visual memory. Hence  it is successful for emotional problems, anxiety, depression, self  harm, food addictions, relationship addictions.

Through the induction you will be accessing  the  emotion from a feeling  of  happiness  then  once  held  in this state  and anchored  to  a  happy  experience,  I  will  drop you deeper  so  as  you do  not  have to  remember  the  whole  event but  will  deal  with  the  emotions  below  consciousness  that  caused  the  problem

I myself  have used this for anxiety post traumatic  motor vehicle accident  and  only  needed  one   good  session to  stop  the  behaviour  of  wanting  to get  out  of  a  lift  ( enclosed space) .   This  is  the  only  way  I know  that  stops  these  behaviours  as   they   originate  in the  feeling mind  not   the  rational

Remember  that  I have  been exposed  to Hypnosis prior  to  that  session ,   and  suggestive therapy  did not work.  You  may  need   a  couple of  sessions  for  the  novice to hypnotherapy  Or you may not   this depends on  some  variables  discussed  at the time of  the  consultation.

Cost  is   250.00  per  session.