Reiki Teachers  Course.   

Why  become  a  teacher?

  • To  enlighten  your clients   path  towards   becoming  a  Reiki practitioner
  • To become intouch with  like  minded  individuals  on a path of healing
  • To  offer  your services  to healing  the past  karmic  debts you  have incurred  in  other  lifetimes
  • To  add  to your now   existing  services   as  the  next step.

How  do you  know  you  are  ready?

  • When you  have a desire  to help  people  obtain enlightenment
  • When your  clients  ask  you  to  teach  them
  • When you know  within  that  reiki is  a  way of  life towards  good  health  and healing .

Why   do  this  course?

  • There is no  kick  back of   percentage  of  money  to your  teacher . I  only expect  you do  not  under cut  my  courses   as it is  a  spiritual law.
  • There is class lesson plans given  to  you
  • There is  teaching  overheads   of reiki   1  given  to you
  • There  is  a  standard  manual  you  are  able  to purchase ,  having your  details  in ,  for  resale  to your  students
  • There  is  the support  offered ongoing 
  • There  is  the  availability to  join   the  association  of  reiki  
  • There  is  the  ability to have  the  backing  of  a  school   that  has  been  in operation  since  1997.
  • You   will  be  taught  how  to  attune   and  be   guided   throughout  the  procedure   in a  class room  attunement   process
  • You   will  have  the  opportunity to  attune  your  relative  whilst   I   assist  you.

Who   can  do my  course

  • People   who  have had   Reiki  111  practitioner   attunements
  • If   from  another  school  I  will  need  to meditate and  look   at  your   aura  to  see that   the  pathways  of light  are   open  correctly  and  infact you  have   reiki   coming  out your  hands.
  • For   those  who  have  not  done   reiki  111  with me    , you will  be  expected  to purchase  the   manuals  of each  level off me  and   then  have   paid   for  the  teachers  in   full  and   have  read  these  manuals  prior  to  my  teaching  you